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We want to make sure that our traders have access to all of the necessary technology they need to make their way through their Challenge and be successful while trading. That's why we provide the best trading platforms and our Trader Dashboard packed with features that will enable you to maximise your potential.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4, commonly known as MT4, is the most popular retail trading platform in the world. Released in 2005, MT4 has been the favoured trading platform of choice for millions of traders looking to gain access to the financial markets. With its broad range of charting tools and indicators, as well as its intuitive interface, this platform is perfect for both novice and experienced traders. MT4 is available on Windows, Mac and mobile (Android). 

MetaTrader 5

MT5 is the most recent update of the MT4 platform and has taken all that was good and expanded upon it. The platform provides a greater number of indicators and chart timeframes to give you more tools to help you execute your strategy successfully. MT5 is not only available on Windows, Mac and mobile (Android) but now also via the web so you can trade anyway and anywhere you like. 

Trader Dashboard

The Hantec Trader Dashboard contains all of the features and tools you need to manage your accounts with us. We provide real time analytics to help you measure and improve on your trading as you go while our integrated MT4 & MT5 web platforms ensure that the Trader Dashboard is the only tool you need to progress successfully through your challenge. Once you’ve passed your challenge, you’ll be able to request any profit splits directly from here.

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