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About Hantec Group

Since 1990, the Hantec Group has spent over 30 years providing its clients with an unrivaled service in a number of different industries.

The Hantec Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1990, and with the aim of creating a multinational financial broker. Over the course of ten years, Hantec had expanded its operations and reputation across Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan before being listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000.

Since then, the Hantec Group has operated in a variety of fields from real estate, to cultural innovation businesses and even to water plantations in Asia. In line with the vision of our founders, Hantec continued to develop its global presence and is proudly represented in twelve countries collecting numerous awards along the way.

By 2008, the brand ‘Hantec Markets’ was born in Sydney, Australia. This was closely followed in 2010 by the broker’s flagship office in London, United Kingdom. The launch of the London office signaled the beginning of a period of rapid growth, expanding the group’s operations across seven regulated entities and eighteen offices, helping position Hantec Markets as one of the world’s most entrusted brokers. Hantec Markets’ primary focus is to offer a wide variety of products with fast execution, delivered through a tailored service that is supported by an industry leading customer experience. These simple values have been the foundation that have underpinned the Hantec Group’s growth and longevity over the last 30 years and have become inherent in Hantec Markets’ approach heading into the future.

In 2020, the Hantec Group made the strategic decision to partition into Eastern and Western divisions, headquartered in Hong Kong and London, respectively. Representing the Western division of the Hantec Group, Hantec Markets’ regulation in the United Kingdom (FCA) and Mauritius (FSC) leverage synergies to help clients worldwide trade safely on the most popular and liquid financial markets in the world. The Hantec Group’s Eastern division comprises of regulation in Australia (ASIC), Japan (FSA) and Hong Kong (CGSE) which allows Hantec the depth to focus on providing clients with security and confidence while delivering a competitive product offering.

Now in 2023, the Hantec Group has diversified its financial offering further by providing an alternative to the standard broker-client relationship, founding the proprietary trading firm, Hantec Trader. In Hantec Trader, the Group now sees an opportunity to further demonstrate its dedication to its clients and their future in online trading, providing a new innovative way to access the global financial markets.

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