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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your questions here in our FAQs page.

Getting Started

This is when a firm trades with its own capital, rather than with a clients’. We’re looking for profitable traders who want to trade using our funds.
The Hantec Group has over 30 years of experience in financial markets which has given us valuable insights into what makes a trader profitable. We’ve designed our Challenges to reflect this and encourage long term profitability.

Our technical infrastructure and trading tools provide you with everything you need to maximise your trading potential.
Traders must be over the age of 18 and not be from one of our restricted countries. If the country is not available when submitting your personal information during the purchasing stage, then this is a restricted country.
Once you’ve decided which Challenge you’d like to take and the balance amount, you can complete the purchase through our website. You’ll then be sent your account details and Trader Dashboard credentials and you can start trading immediately.

Challenge Rules

A Hard Breach means that you violated either the Maximum Daily Loss or Maximum Total Loss rule. In the event you have a Hard Breach, you will fail the Challenge or have your Hantec Trader account closed.
There is no Maximum Trading Period for either the Enhanced or Express Challenges.

This represents the percentage that your account cannot fall below based on your account balance at the previous end of day (00:00 GMT+3).

For both the Enhanced and Express Challenges it’s 5% .

This is the % of the account balance needed in profit to pass this trading objective. Profit is calculated as the sum of all closed positions from your trading account. Additionally there must not be any remaining open positions.

For the Enhanced Challenge: The Profit Target for Stage 1 is 10% and for Stage 2 is 5%.

For the Express Challenge: The Profit Target is 10%.
You can pass either of our Challenges in as little as 1 day.
Yes. There are no restrictions on trading during news in any of our Challenge or Hantec Trader Accounts.
We advise caution during high impact news releases as there is increased volatility and slippage may occur. Slippage is when your order doesn’t fill at a specific price due to no matching order being available and therefore it is executed at the closest available price.
No, using a stop loss is not mandatory.
We do advise the use of stop losses in order to manage risk. Please note stop losses can experience slippage, this occurs but is not limited to higher lot sizes where there is no matching order at that price point and therefore this will be executed at the closest price available with a matching order.
Yes, we have no restrictions on trader’s holding over the weekend.
Traders need to be aware of the risks associated with weekend holding. Markets may experience gaps over the weekend and typically liquidity is thin when markets open for the week causing spreads to be wider than usual. We advise you to manage risk more cautiously during these times.

For both the Enhanced and Express Challenges, there is no Minimum Trading Days requirement.

Enhanced Challenge: This represents the percentage that your account cannot fall below based on your account’s initial balance at the start of the Challenge. This is 10% for both Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Express Challenge: The Maximum Total Loss is initially set at 6% and trails (using CLOSED BALANCE – NOT equity!) your account until you’ve achieved a 6% profit in your account. Once you’ve achieved a 6% profit, the Maximum Total Loss no longer trails and is permanently locked in at your starting balance.

The following leverage will apply for our various asset classes:

Currencies 50:1, Bullion 50:1, Indices 20:1, Commodities 20:1, Crypto 1:1

No this is not permitted. For example if you purchase a $25,000 Enhanced Challenge account using MT4, you’ll need to continue using MT4 for the remainder of the Challenge and also for the Hantec Trader account.

We allow our customers to use any strategy so long as they are not part of our restricted list, please below;
(i) exploiting platform or pricing errors or latencies.
(ii) activities manipulating or artificially influencing market prices, such as spoofing, layering, or pump-and-dump schemes.
(iii) arbitrage abuse to exploit pricing differences, disrupting market order.
(iv) collusion with others to manipulate prices or coordinate trading, including but not limited to, through the use of multiple IP addresses.
(v) scalping for quick profits from minor price changes.
(vi) front-running trades placed elsewhere.
(vii) use of third party or marketed strategies to pass the Challenge.
(viii) using automated algorithms for manipulative trading practices.
(ix) unauthorised access or use of another customer’s account.
(x) disruptive trading practices that harm market integrity.
(xi) arbitrage between the Customer’s Demo Account and any other account.
(xii) trading under multiple accounts using different registration details.
(xiii) high-frequency trading
(xiv) reverse trading/group hedging

Don’t worry, you can purchase a new Challenge account and try again. What’s better is that we offer a 10% discount for any retakes!
No, we only allow you to have a single active challenge at any given time. However, if you breach your challenge, you can purchase a new one and try again.

Hantec Trader Account

Most of the same trading rules from your Challenge will also apply with your Hantec Trader account. You can find all of the applicable rules on our Rules page.

Once you receive a Hantec Trader account you’ll be designated as a contractor of Hantec Trader. This occurs once you’ve completed the necessary KYC and signed the contractor agreement.

KYC means ‘Know Your Client’ and is a regulatory requirement to allow you to become a contracted Hantec Trader. We need to collect personal information and documents which need to be verified before you’re approved to start trading.

You are responsible for all applicable tax obligations.

Once you’ve passed your Challenge and selected to take the Hantec Trader account, you’ll need to complete your KYC and sign your contractor agreement with us. When this has been completed, your Hantec Trader account details will be emailed to you.

The initial withdrawal on your Hantec Trader account can be requested at any time so long as there are no open positions or pending orders. After your initial withdrawal you can request additional withdrawals once every 30 days. To request a withdrawal simply login to your Dashboard and submit the withdrawal request via the Profit Share tab on the left-hand toolbar. You will be able to withdraw your profits via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Crypto or via the same method you used for your Challenge purchase. When a withdrawal is approved, we will also withdraw our share of the profits and your Maximum Total Loss will be locked in at your starting balance. Withdrawals will be processed within 1-2 business days.

Traders will have the same balance as they chose for their Challenge account unless they scaled up on the way to receiving the Hantec Trader account. In that case they would start with the balance of the last successfully completed Challenge.

When you’ve passed your Challenge, you’ll have the option the either take the Hantec Trader account with the same balance as your Challenge account or scale up your Challenge account free of charge. If you complete the Challenge again with the scaled up account you will be presented with the same choice: scale up your Challenge account to the next highest balance or take the Hantec Trader account

When a withdrawal is requested, we put your account into read only mode until the withdrawal is processed. This is to ensure that the requested funds are still available in the account at the point when we send it to you. Once the withdrawal is marked as approved, read only mode is turned off and you can start trading again.

Orders & Billing

You can pay for your Challenge using a variety of different global and local methods including bank transfer, debit/credit card, cryptocurrencies, PayPal and many more.
No. The only fee you will need to pay will be when you purchase a Challenge account.

There are a number of reasons we charge a fee:

1. By paying a fee, a trader shows that they are committed to their Challenge.

2. Applying a fee ensures that individuals cannot simply keep attempting the Challenges until they pass.

3. Any fee we collect is put towards ensuring that our trading infrastructure and tools are continuously maintained and developed to provide value for our traders.

Our commitment to our traders is also reflected by the fact that we refund the fee with your first profit withdrawal once you’re a Hantec Trader.

Once you’ve decided which Challenge you’d like to take and the balance amount, you can complete the purchase through our website. Alternatively if you already have access to our Trader Dashboard, you can purchase a Challenge from there.
We process your Challenge account as soon as we receive the payment. This process usually takes a few hours but will depend on the payment method.

You’ll receive your account details and Trader Dashboard credentials via email (please make sure to check your junk/spam folder if you can’t find them). You can also access your account credentials from the Trader Dashboard.
You can only have a single active account at any given time.

Affiliate Programme

You can refer anybody so long as they are over 18 years old and not a resident in any sanctioned countries.
In the Affiliate area within the Dashboard, you’ll have access to unique referral URLs which, when used, will automatically track any customers you’ve introduced. Your commission from their purchases will automatically be tracked as well.
After your withdrawal request, you will need to complete your KYC with us. Once you’re approved your commission payment can be approved and sent to you. We offer Bank transfer, Cryptocurrencies, PayPal and many more for your withdrawal.
You’ll have access to all the key data you need to run your affiliate programme. We show summarised total sales, clicks, and commissions as well as a breakdown of this information per referral. We also provide you with a referral URL and code per language we offer.

Everyone starts in the Silver tier. To reach Gold, you will need to introduce 11 new traders to us. To reach Platinum, it’s 21.

No, you cannot receive a commission for your own purchase.
No, affiliates are not allowed to bid against Hantec Trader on ad platforms. The use of pay-per-click (PPC) bidding related to our brand will result in the termination of your affiliate account.
No, you can register as an affiliate without purchasing a Challenge.


We currently allow users to have 1 active account at a time with a maximum capital of $200k.

We offer raw spreads plus a round turn commission per lot. To view our spreads, please login to the read-only accounts below:

Login: 1005 
Password: aGXr8Zz

Login: 155586 
Password: O-3nUmVw

Our product specifications, including commission, can be found here.
If you have profits in your Hantec Trader account at the time of a Hard Breach you will still receive your share of those profits based on your profit split percentage.

On our Hantec Trader account you will be trading with a live account.

The following leverage will apply for our various asset classes:

Currencies 50:1, Bullion 50:1, Indices 20:1, Commodities 20:1, Crypto 1:1

Slippage occurs when there is increased volatility driven by fast price movement (high impact events/news) or during periods of lower liquidity in the market (Daily Close/Open and Weekly Close/Open).
Slippage is when your order doesn’t fill at a specific price due to no matching order being available and therefore it is executed at the closest available price.
We offer the market leading MT4 and MT5 platforms. Please refer to our Technology page for more details.

Ready to start trading?

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