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Take The Express Challenge For $39, Pass,
Keep 90% Of The Profits On Your Live Capitalised Account

Prop Trading is the fastest growing sector of the financial industry. Trading challenges allow you to test your trading skills in a fun and exciting way. Take our 1 phase Express Challenge and if you pass you will receive a live account with our capital to trade at Hantec Markets, a regulated and reputable broker with over 30 years of group experience. Not to mention that you get to keep up to 90% of the profits you earn, with no risk on the live accounts.


Purchase the Challenge with the starting balance of your choice and start trading! All you need to do is complete the 1 phase trading objectives.


Once you pass you will be awarded your live account with Hantec Trader. Or, if you want to scale up to a larger balance you can do so free of charge.

Trading Objectives

The Express Challenge is a single phase. That means once you pass the challenge you will be awarded your live account.

Daily loss is calculated on the previous end of day balance (00:00 GMT+3).

The Maximum Total Loss is set at 6% of the accounts starting balance and trails your closed balance. Once you have achieved 6% profit in the account your Maximum Total Loss no longer trails and becomes locked at your starting balance.

This is the percentage of the account balance needed in profit to pass this trading objective. Profit is calculated as the sum of all closed positions from your trading account. Additionally there must not be any remaining open positions.

Leverage is capped at 1:50.

We will reimburse your registration fee with the first profit split you withdraw once you’ve taken a Hantec Trader live account.

Starting Balances


The Express Challenge explained:

Stage 1:

To get started, all you need to do is select the balance type for your account and complete the purchase using our quick and easy checkout process. When this is done you’ll receive your login details to your Trader Dashboard as well as details for your challenge account. You can start trading immediately! To receive your Hantec Trader account, you’ll need to make 10% in profit while following the rules specified above. You can get in depth breakdown of our rules here.

Stage 2:

Congratulations, you’ve passed the Express Challenge. You now have two options:

1. Scale Up:
If you’d like to trade with a greater balance than you initially purchased, you have the option to scale up your account from the Trader Dashboard. When you do this, you’ll receive a new Challenge account scaled up with the next balance tier free of charge. All you’ll need to do to receive a Hantec Trader account with this balance is complete the Challenge again. When you pass again, you can take the Hantec Trader account or scale up all the way to $200,000!

2. Hantec Trader Account:
You can request your Hantec Trader account directly from your Trader Dashboard. To get started, just complete the KYC process and sign your contract. Before trading, please ensure you’ve read the rules for your Hantec Trader account which you can find on our Rules page. When your account is in profit, you’ll be able to request your payouts directly from the Trader Dashboard.

Ready to start trading?

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